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VILA Clothes

VILA Clothes

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It all began in 1994, where VILA became part of the family-owned Danish fashion house, BESTSELLER. VILA quickly grew and found its look, feel, and core: Designing accessible fashion for young women with a personal style.

Located in Jutland, 20 min. from Aarhus, VILA has always stayed true to its mission of creating feminine fashion with focus on quality design and details at affordable prices. Today, VILA is sold through more than 110 retail chain stores all over Europe and 2000 multi-brand stores. VILA also covers and shop-in-shop.

Our design philosophy is based on our three key areas Feminine, Sensual, and Simple. We have a pure and simple approach to fashion design. We unite femininity with our fashion and trend insight and add a bit of sensuality.

Hoofdbranche Mode

We believe in building strong relationships. Therefore, we do not only have franchisees, but see you as a partner.

Type franchise Hard Franchise
Franchise sinds 1994
Contractduur 5 years.
Training Partner training
Verzorgingsgebied Minimum 50.000 inhabitants.
Locatie omschrijving A1
Gemiddeld aantal FTE 2 - 4
Hoe is de inkoop geregeld? Central.
Totale investering € 100.000 - € 200.000
Gemiddelde omzet per vestiging Release later.
Entreegeld Release later.
Benodigd eigen vermogen € 30.000 - € 40.000
Franchise fee No franchise fee
Aantal eigen vestigingen 0
Aantal buitenlandse vestigingen 130
Aantal franchise vestigingen 24
Benodigd aantal m2 100 - 200 m²

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