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SportsTribe innovates in every aspect of his concept. From cooking techniques to business model. Our franchise concept is no different. We do not have a "one fits all" franchise mentality. At SportsTribe we believe in individuality and the power of collaboration among different realities. Like a successful sport team our franchise concept adapts to each reality and we build together the best SportsTribe concept just for you: are you the unexperienced beginner with no kitchen or the aged chef with a restaurant? Do you own a snack bar and want a new identity or you just dream of a food truck? SportsTribe has the right concept for you. Why? Because good healthy balanced food is never complicated and always possible. One thing is yet common for all SportsTribe franchisee: passion for athletic performances, passion for natural food and a tick of perfectionism! That is all you need to get into the Sportstribe family and create your future.
For our second location in a cool hype cafe in Het Nordeinde in Den Haag, we are looking for a passionate entrepreneur who wants to start his/her own career. Are you willing to prepare and serve lunches in the most hype cafe of Den Haag? Contact us.
All you need is the will to be the best, as in sport performances, and strive toward success.
We will design a menu that suits your experiences and give you all the tools to perform your best and make you a winner. Check out our clients review ( and you will understand why we may not be the fanciest company with the coolest website but we deliver the best food for athletes. Among our clients are gold medalist at the Rio olympics, bodybuilders, runners, triathletes, tennis players and a lot of people who simply enjoy healthy food.
If you believe you can start innovating the food industry and make a social impact then SportsTribe is for you. You are not someone who hesitate, you take action and realise your future, call right now.






Sportstribe prepares and delivers balanced healthy food design to support sport performances and a healthy lifestyle.

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3 jaren


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Tenminste 25.000 inwoners

Locatie omschrijving

Cool location in centrum Den Haag. On Het Noordeinde.

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€ 3.500 tot € 170.000

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€ 100.000



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€ 3.500

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